Port Coquitlam Garden Club’s Annual Plant Sale!


The Port Coquitlam Garden Club opened it’s doors to the public yesterday. Their Annual Plant sale was well attended by serious gardeners and amateur green thumb enthusiasts alike. All the plants were supplied by members gardens, even a few from my own. But don’t think that would stop me from filling my boxes!

In fact I did more than just fill my boxes. I started shopping well before the sale opened. The garage sale outside (fundraiser for a new projector) had these lovely planters just calling for me. Who am I to argue with a planter?
Once safely stowed in the back of the van, I made my way inside for a sneak peak at the plants all lined up and ready to go.
The volunteers were buzzing around, making sure all the final touches were done. Everyone did a fabulous job!
Not only were there tons of plants above the tables, the undersides were stocked full too.

There was a tremendous selection of Hosta’s. Foliage of all varieties. I spotted many that I have in my shade garden.

There was also a table filled with veggies, ready to be transplanted into the garden. Later in the sale I picked up a couple more tomatoes and some broccoli. I had to get new plants for those planters. Riiiigggghhht, that’s my excuse.Once the doors opened, bedlam ensued.

With the help of some seriously knowledgeable volunteers, everyone seemed to find what they needed, and probably a few things they didn’t even know they wanted. Plants were flying off the tables!After a few visits to the hold table to unload my burdening arms, I had filled my plant quota for the day. I made use of the very helpful gentlemen at the door who were helping shuttle plants to the cars. Bravo men! I do tend to get carried away at a plant sale!So what did I bring home?

The Plants:
3 x planters
2 x stonecrop
1 x sedium
1 x tomato Sweet Millions
1 x yellow cherry tomato
2 x Broccoli
1 x A herb that’s name escapes me at the moment.
1 x Pnk Peony
1 x Canna
And a perennial that I lost the tag for on the way home. Anyone know this one’s name?

Later in the afternoon I got an opportunity to plant those tomato’s, broccoli and herb. Then I received a call for the Lynette, the club’s past president. She let me know I had one a raffle prize. Wine! Definitely one of my favorite parts of the day.
The kids? Well, I left them at home. Those plant sales are way to hairy for me to keep an eye on them. They played outside with their father while I shopped, but they still appreciated the part of the sale that I brought home for them.


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5 comments on “Port Coquitlam Garden Club’s Annual Plant Sale!

  1. danger garden on said:

    Nice score! And wine too….you really know how to shop!

  2. Mike on said:

    It's a good thing that you got the wine AFTER the sale. If you got that first you might have drank it and proceeded to buy even more plants than you did 🙂

  3. Laura on said:

    @Danger garden it even came with stemless wineglasses. It was a good day!@Mike hmmmm, mid day drinking at the church. I don't think they encourage that 😉

  4. Heather on said:

    OOOOO AAHHHHHH, I feel heart palpitations just looking at the pictures, I love plant sales. You never know what you will come home with. Kind of like Garage Saling, another favorite pastime of mine

    • yvette on said:

      I think plant sales are very similar to garage sales, you never quite sure what you’re coming home with. Thank-you for the great pictures. I was wondering if this is the same annual Port Coquitlam Garden Club that’s held at the
      St.Catherine’s Church on Shaughnessy. I’m 99.9% positive it is. I still have last years’ beautiful hosta, and I have ventured out to fellow gardeners for rose snippings and have taken gardening a step further. I’ve always taken in pride in my own garden, or in offering my labor of love to a community garden. All my life, there was a garden planted wherever I lived. Fresh plants from garden to table. For that I am truly blessed.Please email me about next year’s sale! see you then!!

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