Hanging Baskets: Now with Pictures!


Over the weekend I was making baskets for the front of the house. I love making up potted creations, but I’ve always had a little problem making hanging baskets. My issue? I don’t stuff enough in them. Over the last few years I had been reusing a couple nice small round hanging basket, and then planting three or four plants into them thinking they need room to grow. I was evidently very wrong. Yes they would grow (and look lovely!) but by mid summer I’d be stuffing more plants in the empty spaces wondering what I was thinking!
This year I’m going for something different. I got 2 new.to.me Cedar flower baskets at last years Coquitlam Junks days (there’s no better price than free!) I went with a new planting rule of thumb. Buy too much. It has worked out fabulous! I hit a couple of flower markets that opened up recently on unused lots throughout the city and loaded up a few trays with my goodies.
Each basket now has:

1 x Geranium Bold Charm (white)
1 x Ivy Geranium Marimba (hot pink)
1 x Proven Winners Diamond Frost
1 x Petunia Double Madness (red & White)
1 x Petunia Dreams (burgundy)
2 x Hardy Fuchsia Island Sunset
1 x Snapdragon Rocket Red
1 x Snapdragon Sonnet White
3 x Verbena Vining Hot Pink
1 x Proven Winners Illusion Midnight Lace
1 x Proven Winners Ipomoea Patio Lime
They are packed in tight, and looking good! I’m looking forward to seeing them in bloom!

Updater: Reader Linda asked about the Illusion Midnight Lace. So I posted a picture below. It’s foliage is thinner and reminds me of the leaf of a Weeping Maple. It’s on the front face of the basket and trails down as it grows. Neat-o.


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7 comments on “Hanging Baskets: Now with Pictures!

  1. Carrie on said:

    I need to do my hanging baskets…I'm encouraged to pack them in more than I have…however, I've never had an issue with empty spaces before so maybe I was doing okay 🙂

  2. Linda on said:

    I love your cedar hanging baskets, they're quite the score IMHO! They look so earthy and are a very nice complement to the plants. What is the black leafed plant – is it Illusion Midnight Lace?

  3. danger garden on said:

    I have adopted the very same rule of thumb!

  4. Laura on said:

    @Carrie I just wasn't squishing them into all the corners. I was allowing root systems and compacted dirt to tell me where they could go. Silly me!@Linda no, it's one of the snapdragons. Great colour though! The Illusion midnight lace is a similar colour but has a very different leaf. It's on the other side of the basket. I'll post a picture.@danger garden I think this new rule will suit me just fine 🙂

  5. ChickDigtheDirt on said:

    Those hanging baskets are amazing! Love them and thanks for the tips… actually have never planted one before and was going to do my first this weekend, so this will be very helpful! Thank you!!

  6. tamy on said:

    i have never had any luck with container at all maybe i am not putting enough i them as well

  7. Heavy Petal on said:

    I love 'Diamond Frost' – I'm not one for annuals, really, but I plant those every year! My problem with hanging baskets is that they need watering soooo often. It seems if you miss a day, you're in trouble. Hope your new method works out!

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