What’s a little rain to a Gardener?


There was a lot of rain today. But in between those frenzied bursts, it was beautiful. The kind of day spend hunting for rainbows, and playing in the garden. I got a little work done during nap time. Some blue grass split and then potted in my Craigslist finds.
I think they look spectacular for 10$ each!
I also dug up another Grass , and split and potted some Dwarf Speedwell Spikes. They will finds new homes in the backyard. I had a chance to plant too. My MIL (thanks Marilyn!) had some wild fun at the nursery the other night, and brought home some treats. I absolutely love these apricot Heuchera! This barrel pot is going to go mad crazy this summer. Perennial sage, cone flowers in the centre, and now Heuchera!
I got out again after the kids went to bed and planted some Pineapple Sage in the veggi plot. A second row of peas, and a half a dozen Bee Balm for Marilyn’s Hummingbird garden. All said, it was a successful day.


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4 comments on “What’s a little rain to a Gardener?

  1. That Bloomin' Garden on said:

    I love the color of those tulips together! Sounds like you had a great day.

  2. Heather on said:

    Don't you love those extra hours of sunlight. I'm all for putting the kids to bed and still having time and light to be out in the garden 🙂

  3. Laura on said:

    @That Bloomin' Garden that is my favorite tulip combination. Although I could also go for a slightly more peach than pink with the deep purple.@Heather I'm hoping for one of those nights tonight! I love this time of year!

  4. Aerelonian on said:

    $10 is a great price. Craigslist is surprisingly great. I've actually found more job postings there than anywhere else. It's useful for just everything (just avoid the sketchier things).

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