What followed me home


Alright I’ve finally had time to go back through and make a list of all my finds from the VanDusen Botanical Gardens Annual Plant sale. For your viewing pleasure my handy dandy cart which assisted in my plant hunting. A big shout out to the husband who fixed the handle for me in the 11th hour so I didn’t have to go with only a box. Hmmmm, by that point he’s kind of complicit in my plant over purchasing…..right?Tomatoes
Japanese Black Trifele
Red Brandywine
Orange Blossom


1 x Trillium
1 x Evergreen Clematis Armandii ‘Apple Blossom’
2 x Rhododendron ‘President Roosevelt’
2 x small white Azaleas
1 x Hooker’s Fairy Bells
2 x Lithophragma Smallflower Woodland star
4 x Carex Flagellifera
2 x small Dracaena

Miniature Roses
2 x ‘Hot Tamale’
1 x Climbing ‘Rollercoaster

Edited to add: I forgot the 2 pots of yellow Iris’! There they are staring at me from the picture! Lol!


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3 comments on “What followed me home

  1. Linda on said:

    What a great list of acquisitions! I got a hookers fairy bell plant a few weeks ago here in Portland and look forward to seeing it bloom. Happy planting!

  2. Laura on said:

    @Linda They had a really large native plant section. That where I found the Hooker's Fairy bell. I'm really excited about finding a spot out there for it! What an interesting plant!

  3. Stevie from GardenTherapy.ca on said:

    OOooh – what a fun day it was. I bought 2 heucheras, a mini ornamental grass, and a shitake mushroom block!

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