Welcome to my Garden, on my 2 year Blogoversary!


Two years ago today I started blogging about my misadventures in the garden over at What Grows Here, To celebrate my blogoversary I thought I’d share my first post again. We’ve come a long way baby!

Welcome to my Garden

You`ll have to forgive my learning curve here, as this is my first blog.

When we bought our house three years ago, we inherited a large overgrown garden, brimming with potential. The space was there, with a few shrubs to start us off, but not much else. Having always loved plants, but never being able to keep them alive (the inside ones anyways) I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started digging. What I uncovered was a passion, that soon started taking over my world. I was out there everyday of that first summer, pulling up weeds, learning as I went. I quickly found plants I loved, heather, roses, dahlia`s. Also uncovered plants I loathed, ivy, Lantana (oh the smell!) and an awful thorny bush that keeps popping up in the most random of places. I killed a few plants, and made others flourish. I found and fought battles of infestations, and learned that I’m not so scared of spider`s when they are in the garden, not my house!

By the next spring, I finally had a handle on what was in my garden, and a vague image of what I wanted it to become. I was still defining the borders, and I had come to hate the gravel surrounding it. So dig it up we did. The hubby helped. We rented a bobcat and went at it. All the while my garden sat in the middle of it all, watching….amused I’m sure!

She was well compensated for the trouble. She received a variety of new plants, shrubs, and lots of tlc through the construction.

The summer after that, the garden got to watch the machines roll in again! The city dug up our street. Replacing the water main, putting in curb. What a mess! Dust, dirt, loud noises, big machines and me gardening in the middle of it. I-pod blastin‘ down in the dirt! When it was all done it was wonderful, I had scored a large pile of rocks from the cities dig, that I used as retaining walls.

Still working on form and structure, a lot of plants were moved and transplanted that summer. She was finally starting to look like my garden! Little did I know, she wasn’t my garden, as much as I was her gardener.

So as we enter spring of our 3rd year with the garden, she bears witness once more to large scale construction. This time we are fixing our drainage issues. We’ve had standing water every time it rains for the last 3 years.

The poor girl, you think we could give her just one year to shine without all the dust and mess. Well not this year. Again, she`s being adequately reimbursed for her time. She`s received new rock walls, a boat to float through her foliage, and still in planning, a patio to sit and enjoy her beauty. Not to mention the newly acquired rocks from my own earth. I’m really looking forward to taking out some of the smaller rocks in my wall this summer, and replacing them with larger finds!

So this is where we start. It a mess. But its my mess, and I love it. I hope you stay with us for the journey.


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5 comments on “Welcome to my Garden, on my 2 year Blogoversary!

  1. Wow, that is an amazing transformation! I thought your garden looked great, but now that I've seen it from the start I'm very, very impressed. You've done a lot!

  2. @Mike, Thanks! Michael & I have both put a lot of sweat in. Bit by bit, those little projects add up. It's neat to look back.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    Congrats to my gardening mentor!Love from Mom

  4. Aerelonian on said:

    I love seeing progressions! It sure has come a long way. Happy Blogoversary!

  5. Laura on said:

    @Mom, Awwwww, thanks (insert blushing here)@Aerelonian It's always fun to see the big changes before & after. I end up forcing myself to take pictures of all the ugly corners, as one day they'll to be beautiful, and who would believe what they looked like before!

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