Let the plant sale season begin!


This is the first year I have been available to go to Mark’s early plant sale in Port Coquitlam. I’ve looked longingly at his signs as we drove here there and everywhere. Ever year I’d miss it. If I’d only known in advance…..yadda yadda yadda.

This year I got an email! It was planned for Easter Sunday. Busy day for sure, but I made room. Good times!

It was a huge sale. Such good varieties and quantity’s. I was glad I made it there early. I picked up a few unusuals (I’m still giggling about it!)

Red Tillium! He reminded me it wouldn’t bloom this year. It’s still young. That’s okay by me. I buy plants young. I’m a long term gal, and I love a deal! A Jack and the Pulpit!
A good sized Jack Frost!
And some Lemon Balm (mmmmmmmm!)
I had a good talk with him about my needs for the Masonic project coming up. He may be able to help me with the Barberry bush. I need a dozen or so. They’d be year old plants, but like I said, I like a deal. Especially when your fund raising for your budget.


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5 comments on “Let the plant sale season begin!

  1. Garden Lily on said:

    That's exciting to find a plant sale already – I'd go for those first 3 picks too. All the best this year in your garden.

  2. Garden Lily on said:

    Laura – If you'd also be interested in plant trading and meeting up with other gardeners, there is a swap planned for May 16 in North Burnaby. See the forum threads : details and trade lists.

  3. Laura on said:

    Thanks @Garden Lily! I checked out the link, and I should be able to come. Are you going?

  4. Tina on said:

    Awesome finds!So exciting to get something new and cool.A quick note about the lemon balm – careful, it can become a real monster, stomp it's feet and think that the whole dang flowerbed was meant to be all his/hers. lol. Sooo does not like to share!

  5. Laura on said:

    @Tina, thanks! Yes Lemon Balm just like Mint is an invasive nightmare. I tend to keep most of my herbs in pot, those two particularly. Sadly a lack of watering during winter lead to my plants ultimate demise. So this one will make a good replacement!

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