Wordless Wednesday: The Littlest Bloom.



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4 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: The Littlest Bloom.

  1. The Redneck Rosarian on said:

    I declare, I do believe this is the Sweetest bloom I've seen all spring!

  2. Laura on said:

    Thanks! I couldn't help myself. She's.just.so.cute!

  3. socalgardening on said:

    Adorable little baby girl 🙂 i love your blog!

  4. Laura on said:

    @Socalgardening, I think she's pretty great myself 🙂 You have a great blog yourself lady. I'm so jealous of your city sponsored rain barrel! You hear that powers that be over in Port Coquitlam? Rain barrels! Top priority! 😉

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