Week end Wrap up.


I managed my spare time well this weekend.
I got a bit of spring planting done with the kids on the front patio.
Did the perennial shuffle around the front garden.
I even made time in the back to get a few things sorted out for spring.
First step was those veggi beds.
I cleared the remaining veggi debris and prepared the soil for this years bounty.
I’ve got BIG plans back here this year.
If I can get the Wilds under control.
Time will tell.
The next thing on my list to do was to pull the wild rose!
That beast is the bane of my back yard existence.
Prickly and ugly they keep forcing themselves onto my back gardens.
And so I keep pulling.
Hopefully as the perennials grow there will be less room for their unwanted flower.
Because once removed, the beauty of the other plants takes hold.
The Bleeding Hearts are stunning already!
A few more days back here and I’ll be caught up.
Then the task at hand will be one of removal and clean up of the unused corners.
To make way for more of natures finest.


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