Port Coquitlam in Bloom.


On almost every block, the flowers of spring are blooming.
As it should be, it starts in the trees.
My love for Cherry Blossom’s started young.
Our street was lined with their elegant frames.
The tree’s would bloom in pairs, an effect of their planting schedule.
With a new set blooming as the previous peaked.
In a wave, the street would ignited in flowers!
All over Port Coquitlam there are rows of these beautiful trees.
Proudly edging homes, and lining storefronts.
Their petals raining down on the wet spring streets.
The most magnificent display of Cherry Blossom’s is located at the Terry Fox Library on the corner of Wilson ave & Mary Hill rd.
A quiet spot, at an otherwise busy intersection.
A statue of Terry Fox sits encircled by Rhododendrons.
Taking shelter from under the canopy’s of the Cherry Blossom’s arms.
When in bloom this corner is a traffic stopper.
When not in bloom, it’s still worth a detour.
All over the city spring is pushing her way in.
With fragrance and colour.Some so elegant, they capture your breath.Others composed with creative reasoning,and whimsy.Some just to peak our curiosity.At City Hall the flowers are dazzling!
Truly a garden of all seasons,
but Spring is sure a pleasure to take in!
The colour of these Hellebore are simply stunning!
The Rhodo’s have started their charismatic show!
Yet no matter how amazing the other blooms are,
nothing beats a Magnolia tree in full spectacle!
I’m sure you can see why a tour of the city was needed.

Simple wonders bring such amazing joy!


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6 comments on “Port Coquitlam in Bloom.

  1. Dirty Girl Gardening on said:

    I can practically smell that daphne from here!

  2. Laura on said:

    It was a pleasure getting up close and personal with that one!

  3. Stevie on said:

    Great shots of the cherry blossoms and magnolias. I can't believe there are rhodos blooming already. WOW

  4. YukonGale on said:

    Spectacular! I was on the island one year during blossom season and saw my first magnolia tree in flower. I wanted to pack up and move down there immediately. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks Stevie & Yukongale! I love blooming tree's! Magnolia & Cherry blossom are two of my favorites!

  6. Garden Lily on said:

    What wonderful closeups – I could almost smell the blooms!

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