And so begins this years patio garden


We here at the Dandelion Wrangler spent the first official weekend of spring taking back the front patio from the grip of winter blah.
The kids helped me pick out some lovelys from the garden store.
Combined with some recent thrift store acquisitions,
we made some fabulous pairings!
The watering cans were filled with English Daisys,
a spring favorite of mine.This brown/burgundy urn was from Value Village.
It’s amazing what you can find there.
This cool mini urn was a quite the score!
I found early in the year at Homesence.
I should have bought all three when I had the chance.Sure there would have been a questioning look from my husband…
but I’m always prepared.
It was a multi pack, I swear!
Jacob’s LadderThe kids had fun getting dirty.
Mostly they enjoyed running up and down the patio screaming.
But hey, it’s all semantics.
After we finished with the potted creations,
we gave the herb gardens a little more nutrients,
and topped up their soil.
They are now ready and waiting for this years specials finds,
and must have herbs.
I can taste the Mojito’s already!
Sorry kids, this ones for Mommy!


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