A few sunny days


We’ve been seeing record temperatures over the last few days.
12 degree’s today.
Here at the Dandelion Wrangler,
we are A-okay with this.
Spring has sprung!
The pots have official made their spring debut.
Tulips ready and waiting.
Closer to the centre of things,
the Muscari are coming up around the smallish tree.
Surrounding the centre of things, the Daylillies are steadily growing.
Matching pace the Alliums are bursting forth.
We are few days away from bloom time for most of the Hyacinth’s
The blue beauty’s however, are still coming in to their own.
Always the first to bloom.
Looking fierce with their vibrant colour!
On my last few opportunities to get my hands dirty, I’ve been weeding.
The ground has lost that chill.
Within a few more wedding session,
the front garden will be done.
Bring on the flowers of spring.
Bring on the sights and smells.
The creatures big and small.
And the childlike curiosity.
We are ready!


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