The Normalcy of Rain.


The rain has captured my heart over the last few days.
Cold, but lacking the bite of winter.
This downpour is much needed to plants still locked in confusion.
Stuck somewhere between winter and spring.
You could almost hear the garden rejoice.
This is indeed normal February weather for BC.
I get excited during days like these.
the shock of rain against the cool fresh backdrop of the new years growth.
The urge to reach out and touch it is strong.
So I did.
Taking a rain day.
I put on my coat, flipped up my hood and grabbed my boots.
It was a lovely day to trim a hedge.
My Dandelion Wrangler played near by.
More amused by the puddles than the garden.
Fine by me.
Less distraction.
I managed to get as far as my arm length clippers would take me.
Then exhaustion set in.
It’s been a while since I played in the garden.
At the next opportunity I’ll be pulling out the tree trimmer to tackle the mammoth upper half.
Sure a heck of a lot cheaper than getting the tree people to do it for me.
The super plus?
No one is trampling all over my new growth.
(Seriously, don’t those people ever look down?!)
The down side?
I got a spider in my hair.


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