Spring’s joy begins in fall.


It’s bulb time in the garden.
We took a break from the rain this week to allow for some planting.
These were filled with 75 deep purple and pink tulips.
The pots normally reside along the rocks beside the driveway, but we learned a valuable lesson from last years bizarre snowfall. Anything that large hidden under piles of snow, just becomes a hazard. And boy did it snow last year!
So into the garden they went. Their bellies full of spring bulbs.
I edged the stump with Muscari. About a hundred of them outline my tallish tree in waiting.
and of course props to the helpers.When they got bored with me and the bulbs they took to their own activities. For the boy, that included laps around the garden. And for my girl, bug collecting.
She found a teeny tiny snail.
I know as a gardener I’m not supposed to like snails, but I do. I rarely kick them out of my patch. Which suits the girl and the snail just fine 🙂


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One comment on “Spring’s joy begins in fall.

  1. Laura Gardens in Desert on said:

    Muscari are my favorite. Good idea about moving the pots, unexpected shin blows can totally ruin the mood.

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