The Patch: A Year in Review


Well the Veggie bed is officially done for the year.
It was my first year growing vegetable’s.
I learned,
I laughed,
I loved,
I cried.

So here it is, my do and don’t list for next year.
Do– Grow more pumpkins (they were a blast for the kids to watch grow. Ah who am I kidding, for me too!)

Don’t- Forget how much room they take up. What I planted could have easily taken over the back yard had I not been so diligent.
Do- Grow cucumbers again (delish!)Do- Grow Cabbage. Its foliage is stunning!

Don’t- Forget to harvest them on time. Next year I need to harvest them sooner so I can donate them to a local homeless shelter. (As beautiful as Cabbage is, I can’t stand the taste!)Do- Grow herbs again, Although next time more of them will be planted in the beds vs the pots on my patio (all but the invasive ones like Mint or Lemon Balm of course). My favorites of the season were the Pineapple Sage (pictured below, flowering), Rosemary, Basil, Mint, Tri-coloured Sage and Lemon Thyme.
Do- Peas! And more of them! This was a big surprise to me, but the Peas were easily one of my favorite garden snacks (the kids loved them too!).Do- My Tomato hanging basket was a huge success! These juicy little treats kept on coming all summer long. Next year I need at least two to fill the demands of the house.Do- The tomatoes were great this year. I planted many varieties, and have a better concept of what I’m looking for come planting season next year.

Don’t- Plant them so close together! I planted two rows of tomato’s way too tight. It lead to a lot of waste as I couldn’t get in there to get them regularly. Also next spring irrigation will be a top priority. We lost a few plants due to black bottoms.Do- Grow more Alpine Strawberries (Yum!).
Don’t- Buy a jumbo pack of Strawberry plants too early because it was “such a great deal” then not get around to planting them for a month. Leading to Strawberries that never quite get enough moister no matter how often they are watered. Or as commonly referred to by me as “BBQ Strawberries”
Do- Plant more Potato’s. Lots more. Lots and lots more…..They were gooood!Generally speaking. Do more of everything, and do it earlier!


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