Creating Living Art


While peeling away the layers of the season,
there are always surprises.
Last year I tore out a Juniper that was growing inside this stump.
I didn’t like it,
it wasn’t the focal piece I wanted for this garden.
I dug and pulled as much as I could,
but the root ball would never come out.
Hanging by a thread apparently.
It came out easily yesterday.
I can finally begin this long awaited project.
Rule of thumb tells me one shouldn’t plant within an old Cedar stump.
Thing shouldn’t grow well there.
Yet a Juniper bush and a bunch of day Lilly’s beg to differ.
The stump itself is so hollowed,
I need a good day of digging out and then I’ll be ready to go.
I have a sapling that I bought from the Riverview Tree festival last year.
It was a tiny little thing,
that’s grown into a smallish thing,
and will one day become a tallish thing.
A Coral Bark Maple for here in this stump.
A tree growing from within a tree.
Also found under the wilds.
A Bleeding Heart.
I have no clue from where it came.
My closest Bleeding heart resides in the back yard.
The clean up is in full swing.
The front of this garden is done-ish.
There are a few late season perennials still doing their thing.
So it will need a final sweep in a couple of weeks.
The center garden is done, ready for leaves and such.
The back length still needs to be cleaned.
It is a little weird that I find this fun, right?


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2 comments on “Creating Living Art

  1. That is an amazing garden! I have front-yard envy.

  2. Thanks Mike! It is a wonderful sight when I pull in the driveway! It took a lot of planing, a lot of hard labour, blood sweat and tears but Michael and I invested wise, and the pay-off has been wonderful. As a bonus I'm REALLY good at digging rock now!

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