Warning….. this has almost nothing to do with the garden.


Warning….. this has almost nothing to do with the garden… or flowers… or dirt… or my green shag grass…. or one of the many garden related subjects that I usually babble on incessantly about.

This weekend was very busy at our house. There was the Terry Fox Run. Living in Terry’s hometown, the run here is not one to miss.
The crowds were impressive.
The spirit in the air, invigorating.
Every year at this time, something good happens here, and in communities around the country and the world. People of all walks come together and well… walk, or run. All with the common goal of finding a cure for cancer.
This year my husband Michael also took part in the Great Canadian Headshave raising a little over 1100$ for cancer research.
So with that loaded schedule for my weekend, and the start of preschool for my daughter, my hands had not touched dirt all week.

For shame.
She all but calls my name.So upon my return from our recent outings, I took a moment to saunter through my garden.I even took a few snaps.

Just for you.
And look and that, I did manage to make it about the garden after all……


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One comment on “Warning….. this has almost nothing to do with the garden.

  1. Laura Gardens in Desert on said:

    That is a wonderful picture of your family at the event, and it is awesome how much money your hubby raised!

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