Finally in bloom


Three years on, I’m finally getting a good set of buds and blooms from my Rose of Sharon.
The pure white blooms are stunning.
Well worth the wait.Across the back garden, flowers are blooming.
The dazzling colours and allure of the bee balm keeps the local hummingbird a regular customer.
Zipping back and forth.
Hiding in amongst the flowers.
I have been trying to capture her image for days.
Finally standing still with a camera for long enough paid off.
Its easy to be in awe of a hummingbird.In the patch the fruit and veggies are getting bigger and bigger.
Family be warned.
You’ll be receiving cucumbers soon!
and Cabbage
and tomatoes.


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2 comments on “Finally in bloom

  1. Rosemary on said:

    That white rose of Sharon is absolutely gorgeous!What are the blue flowers the hummingbird is feeding on?

  2. I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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