Bearing fruit


The Veggies planted in late spring are finally bearing fruit! We harvested the first of the Cucumbers. A big sucker, it measured up at 11 inches long.The tomatoes are also starting to ripen. We get to steal a few off the vine every few days. Soon we will be swimming in them. An impressive number of cucumbers are also coming due. The plants are heavy with fruit.The patch is officially taking over the yard.There are close to a dozen visible pumpkins growing. With many more flowers following in their tracks.We even have two watermelons growing. The largest is already bigger than a baseball.
And through all of this I have been completely unable to play. My pictures are taken from the patio’s. The wilds of the gardens exploding with colour below. The plants have become reliant solely on Mother Nature for tending. Staking has taken a step to the side this summer. We were going for Au natural ……really.
I am so thankful to everyone that has helped me keep up the watering schedule. The Veggies have my mother- in- law and her helpers to thank for their very survival.
And of course my husband has been my rock. He never once looked at me like I was crazy for asking him to go water the gardens at 11 o’clock at night.
What has been keeping me so busy?

Well our daughter arrived….. a late season bloom.
At 41 weeks I gave birth to my third child.
Penelope Layne was born on July 28th, at 5:37pm. Weighing in at 8lbs 5.5oz and 20inches long.
Another gardener’s helper has entered the world.


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3 comments on “Bearing fruit

  1. Laura Gardens in Desert on said:

    Your daughter is lovely! Congratulations! Yeah, another gardener!

  2. Northern Shade on said:

    Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. Don't they always look especially sweet when they are sleeping? (mommy's rest time). How fortunate you are to have a supportive family looking after the garden for you. I hope your new apprentice is taking lots of naps, but if not, you can always pull the rocking chair up to the garden window.

  3. Thank you, we think she's pretty sweet!

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