All things round.


An update on all things round.

The Watermelon is steadily growing….I’m shocked.
Yet there it is.The pumpkins have enjoyed taking over a portion of the yard.
If the lawnmower wasn’t broken I may have argued.
In this case however, it’s intrusion hides the weeds and what not.
Even the patio has its interlopers.
This one is going to be a big fella.

Moving over to the tomatoes.
These plants have been educating me on their needs.
While still producing quite the bounty.My favorite has to be the Lemon Boy.
Their colour dazzles.
Pure perfection.
I’ll let you know if they taste as good as they look.While not round, the cucumbers are still doing quite well for themselves.
I have harvested a few of their fruit.
They are delicious.


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