Ideas in bloom


Okay I’ll admit it.
I love plant sales.
Nothing pleases me more than leaving a local garden, or club
arms laden with a box of plants.
Now half of the adventure of a good plant sale is the urgency.
The place is always crammed.
You have no time to ponder a selection.
If you stop for to long you miss out on a real jem across the room.
You see it…
You like it…
It goes in the box.
Speed shopping.
What could be more fun?
The best part is the end.
When your arms are so full that you end up kicking your box along with you in line.
Its hard to leave anything behind,
Have you seen the prices???
That said,
I’m planning on having my own next year.
It will be a smaller variety than the assorted garden club’s I tour.
However the deals will be just as hot.
I have been pondering starting up my own summer shop for some time now,
and I think I have enough pieces in place to easily pull a string of them off for next year.
So this year.
Through summer and fall,
I will prepare.
Get my cutting planted,
Split the perennials,
work on signage.
So next spring,
I’ll be open for business!


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  1. dinah34 on said:

    i love your pictures and your prose. it's all beautiful. 🙂

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