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My garden hasn’t skipped a beat.
Its just me that’s getting slower.
My husband finished the front patio and walkway early this week as a birthday present.
I’m over the moon!
It makes such a difference when walking the path.
More so, it makes such a contrast when gazing at the garden.
Now what I see are the blooming flowers, and lush greens.
My eye’s no longer instinctively rove to the path, desperate for a weeding.
I love it!
Eventually I’ll plunk a couple Andronak chairs on the patio.
It will make a wonder spot for late summer Mojito’s.
Using my own fresh mint of course…..But that will have to wait.
I still have a baby to come.
Now, luckily I’ll get to stroll with her down my garden paths.

A Quiet place to daydream,
and wait for the next dragon fly to patrol.Finally, a chance to enjoy!Now that the hardscape is finished out front.
More and more of my attention has become focused on the backyard.
Here it has bones, but is lacking in the flora & fauna.
Bit by bit, by plant sale I have been working to remedy that.
The Veggie beds help.
Their produce,
not only tasty is also stunning.My favorite of the colours and textures lies in the Cabbage.
From the green-blues to the red veins.
Its breathtaking.The watermelon plants are doing well.
The cucumbers are perking right up!
The Broccoli.
Tomatoes, of all varieties. I even have a Lemon Boy in there!
Tasty greens!
The pumpkins are taking over! Hopefully my daughter will be carving our homegrown Jack-o-lantern’s this fall!
and my favorite novelty of the garden, Pineapple Sage.
Its never a problem working around this plant!
She smells divine!
More of course is on the grow, and even these garden gems have grown a lot in the few days since I snapped their portrait.

The joys of a garden in summer.


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