It looks like spring, and feels like summer!


The warm weather has been hitting the west coast for the last little while.
Flowers are blooming,
the Bees buzzing,
even the Dragon Fly’s are on full patrol.
Ive been enjoying myself.
In the backyard the Veggies are also enjoying the weather.
Most have perked up from their initial transplant.
I did however lose one cucumber plant,
entirely my fault,
I took to long to plant that one.
My Cabbage plant looks a little worn,
but I can see that’s she’s starting to perk up.
Nothing beats the sight of the Strawberries though…
I counted dozens of flowers, or berries starting to grow yesterday.
I’m looking forward to feasting on these little gems!
Last year between my husband, my daughter and my mother-in-law,
I found the few plants I had seemed to get plucked long before I’d reach them.
Hopefully with the 25 plus plants I plunked into the beds I’ll get a chance to enjoy more than a few!
No more worries about the little girl,
most importantly no more worries about the husband!!!!
The Strawberries aren’t the only thing bearing fruit in my gardens.
My hanging basket of tomatoes is off to a good start.
Lots of fruit growing there.
However yesterday, she was looking a little wilted,
so Ill be paying a little closer attention to her in the coming days.The backyard is where Ive been keeping busy lately.
I don’t just mean in the veggie patch.
Ive been trying to fill this back bed for the last while.
I initially started with some Iris bulbs, which didn’t seemed to take.
I had also added some yellow Gladiolus’s that are growing right on track.
I look forward to seeing their blooms this summer.
However it was still looking too bare.
The recent blooming Jasmine vine was certainly helping,
but that back fence is a long expanse,
it was just looking un-done.
So there was only one thing to do…..
I got carried away.
The trellis was moved from its unused place in the front garden to the center of the expanse.
The plan is to buy some clematis to smother it in flowers.
After that was in, the rest just started to make sense.
My recent plant sale scores flanked the trellis,
Bee balm, white Echineachea, Goldstrum,
and a couple of Heuchera for some striking contrast colour.
With a few other earlier plant sale unknowns mixed in,
the back expanse will fill in nicely.
These new perennials will blend in nicely with the other plantings in the backyard.
The Amethyst Heuchera and the pre existing Smoke Bush continue the use of my favorite colour foliage throughout the yard.
The backyard is easily becoming one of my favorite places to play.


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5 comments on “It looks like spring, and feels like summer!

  1. Stunning!! I love the trellis against the fence like that, looks beautiful! And I hope you get to enjoy some yummy strawberries this year! Nothing quite like a fresh picked berry, mmmmmm!

  2. Su Chua Phin 徐蔡斌 on said:

    Looks like you are getting busier and busier each day Laura … but I’m sure it’ll all worth the efforts 🙂 Greetings from Cat City Kuching.

  3. Kateri on said:

    That flower bed with the rocks is stunning.

  4. Laura on said:

    Thanks you! I try my best 🙂

  5. weightloss favorites on said:

    Holly Rigsby Interesting. Reminds me… “A nod is as good as a wink to a blind bat”

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