A good day to kill my back.


I hurt.
I over did it today in the garden.
Not a big surprise.
I tend to get carried away.

I caught up on a lot of overdue maintenance.
The Heather pods at the front of the garden were overgrown.
Beautiful when they were blooming.
Kind of gnarly when they faded.
Pregnancy shield in hand, Ive been avoiding these tasks due to the amount of bending involved.
But enough was enough, the Heather’s received a hard haircut today.
The garden is still in need of a major weeding.
Sigh… more bending.
Luckily the flowers distract the eye.
What weeds?
Set in my delusions I continued on to the backyard.
The last bed was filled.
It was planting time.
I planted Spinach.
2 more Tomato plants.
2 more Pumpkins.
2 Cucumber plants.
A few varieties of salad greens.
Telephone Poll Peas.
2 Watermelon plants,
and a Pineapple Sage.
With the previous plantings of Tomato’s, Pumpkins and Strawberries.
The beds are now full and ready to grow.
Let the experimenting begin!


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One comment on “A good day to kill my back.

  1. annesgarden on said:

    Just discovered your new blog and looking forward to catching up (as soon as kids asleep) 😛

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