Such a quick seasonal correction


Today was warm and inviting.
Frankly it would have been rude not to go play in it.

Yes, Mother Nature. We do remember you are firmly in charge.
Of course your April fools joke was brilliant.
Your so sneaky!
We should have known you would follow it up with an absolutely marvelous weekend.

Again, thanks for the quick seasonal correction.

So outside I went. To the backyard. To tame the wilds.
My newspaper compost garden bed were looking lovely.
Hard to imagine just a few weeks ago this was grass, weeds, and Alberta Wild Rose, taking over with her prickly saunter.

She has been tamed.
So in went the Iris’. 100 hundred of them. I created 5 pods of twenty bulbs across the back row. Evenly spaced, each pod contained 10 of the pale blue Sky Wings, and ten of the dark blue Rendez Vous. In between each set I planted some pale yellow Gladiolus, 20 in all.

Summer will bring many thing, the least of which is beautiful colour against the drab fence backdrop of the yard.While working I found these interlopers. Friendly neighbor’s willing to come over and stay. I have no problem with traveling Poppies. They are welcome anytime 🙂 These are that lovely Orange red colour. I transplanted 7 small plants to the empty spaces that remained in the bed.

Hopefully they take to their changed location. Free flowers are all the more lovely…
Once finished my tasks, and exhausted, I proceeded to wander the backyard to look at all of the wonderful new growth.
A beautiful sight!


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