The ever growing list.


Today I removed some of the dead shrubs. Worked the ground, and let the new growth prevail.

Yet another corner of the garden revitalized.
It was absolutely lovely outside. Warm and sunny. The kind of day where a light sweater gets too hot. When your elbow deep in dirt that is.
I not only found old friends out enjoying the sun..
but new ones too.This breath of spring, is a real pleasure.

A day of weeding is also a day of planning.

My mind spins with the possibilities as I plot along.
Where the new summer bulbs will go.

Starting the raised beds in the backyard.
The Patio, the path and what they will one day look like (hopefully one day soon!)

Getting the trailer fixed.

More dirt.

The tree.

So many things are continually being added to my mental list.

I should really get to writing it down, lol!


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One comment on “The ever growing list.

  1. Deanne on said:

    *sigh* We just got more snow in SK overnight – it will probably be another 1 1/2 months before all the snow melts 🙁 I will live (sp)vicariously through you!

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