Shining a little light on


The sun was pouring in this afternoon. While I may be kept inside with a sleeping baby, my feet did find their way to the patio. To peek at some plants that give me special joy.
The Strawberry plants were enjoying the sunbath. These plant are especially beautiful. They are Alpine Strawberries, suitable named Golden Alexandria. I picked them up a week or so back and have yet to decide where they will seek their home. Alpine strawberries make a wonderful border plant, as they are clumping and do not push out trailers. So with beautiful foliage like this, they may end up in the front garden. In the front at least they could serve a dual purpose. One of beauty, and another as a special treat after a long weeding session.
It sounds like Ive decided, doesn’t it?

For now though, Ill keep them up here enjoying the sun!


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  1. Just Jenn on said:

    They’re so sunny and pretty!

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