Nine years ago ….


I love the fall.
The colours, the smells. The cool evening air.

I love the memories that it stirs….

9 Years ago today, my husband and I started dating. Our lives have changed alot in the last nine years, but he remains my constant. My soul mate and best friend. Happy anniversary hun.

* * * * *
The garden is distinctly aware of this change in the calendar pages.The bees are still buzzing.

While many flowers are giving off their last hooray!Webs, glisten in the fading sun.But the Dahlia’s still pop.
The roses. Brushing off equal parts of rain and blistering sun. Their fragrance ever stronger for.
But behind the blooms, fall is coming.

Encroaching further and further ever day.The last Day Lilly, before the this season falls.
Clean up is coming.


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4 comments on “Nine years ago ….

  1. Muddy Boot Dreams on said:

    Laura, Happy Anniversary. Your garden is looking great. Beautiful flowers.Jen

  2. HappyMouffetard on said:

    Lovely photos. It’s nice to watch the seasons changing.

  3. Rosemary on said:

    Happy Anniversary to you both, fall is a wonderful time of the year and your garden still looks beautiful

  4. Happy Anniversary :)I love fall, though I’m not looking forward to another winter. Brrrr. Your garden is still looking as lovely as ever.

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