The last touch of August.


Well there was a break in the rain today. Look who finally showed her head. This is the first bloom on my yellow dinner plate Dahlia’s. Last year I had a cluster of 6 plants. This is the only one that survived the winter. I’m just happy it survived the summer.

I added in a few more succulents. I’m very excited to see what this will look like as they spread. Its right at the front edge of the garden.
The rain certainly has made everything grow. It seems I forgot this outside recently 😉
My pots are looking fab. I recently added a variegated grass and some pretty little yellow flowers that I cant remember the name of…….
The stonecrop Sedium is starting to blush.
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend. September is knocking, and the garden is showing her season.


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2 comments on “The last touch of August.

  1. Muddy Boot Dreams on said:

    Have a great weekend, and thank goodness the rain has finally stopped.Jen

  2. OMG…your garden is so beautiful. I love how you made it a showcase there in your front yard. I have had an urge to dig up a large center portion of my front grass, which slopes very mildly down to the sidewalk…for quite a while now. Only thing is that here in the summer, I always have to put my yard on autopilot…it is too hot and muggy to go out there at all, for me. Am looking forward to creating flower gardens somewhere in my yard come Oct. 15 here! I’ve got my seeds ready!! Gonna go look around you blog a little more! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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