A project unfinished, as per usual.


I spent a good part of yesterday in the garden, working on my path, edging it with small rocks. I finally got to a point where I was able to get rid of the awful pavers.They worked fabulously when I first started planting, but recently they just get on my nerves, not to mention the corners and edges that scuff my knee’s when I’m trying to weed.

Bye bye path of pain.
And hello to future planning! I’m not quite done laying everything out. Mostly I have a bunch of gardening storage (tools, empty pots etc) cluttering up my future patio, getting in the way of progress.

It seems to never end.

Maybe that’s because I didn’t finish!

That is for another day.

Today is for day dreaming. Right now I’m looking at a beautiful crushed granite path…… Can you see it too?
Oh well, maybe its just the exhaustion setting in.

Time to sit and soak in the ambiance.


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One comment on “A project unfinished, as per usual.

  1. east-side-patch on said:

    Hi Laura.I have just finished my decomposed granite walkways. Was horrible working in this heat but really satisfying now that they are all done. check out my last couple of entries to see the progress. I look forward to seeing yours finished, It will look really good. Pathways take forever don’t they! and it is amazing how edge boulders seem to go nowhwere, you always need twice as many as first anticipated.My regards,I know what you are going through,ESP.

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