Something a little sweet.


Well yesterday was an ordinary day. I sifted through a little dirt in the afternoon…..still looking…hoping, and found nothing. So close to giving up I retreated to my room where I had thrown my gardening clothes that dreadful day I lost my ring. I stripped the bed, Pulled it out from the wall, scoured through laundry….still nothing. Feeling incredibly deflated I hung off the end of my bed, feeling sorry for myself, when what did I see?……No…….It couldn’t be…….Could it?……

Holy shit! Its my ring!!!!!!

Up against the baseboard, under some furniture, right beside the bathroom door she lay. Had I not been hanging upsidown feeling sorry for myself…….well Id still be thinking she was in the garden.

Hooray!! Now the green waste can go to collection tomorrow. Now I can lay my new path in the garden without forever wondering if its under there. Now……..I must apologise to the garden. She took a lot of blame for this little bru ha ha….

Maybe a new trellis will make it up to her….

Well for today at least, Ill just show her off a little.
This little sugar fix is amply named Chocolate Cosmos. She even smells like chocolate. The picture doesn’t do the flower justice. It was too sunny out, and hard to catch the velvety texture and colouring of her petals. I received one of this plant two years ago. It is one of the last things to come up in the garden every summer. My original plant still hasn’t peeked her head. I have trouble with this. I get worried. Every year around the same time, I start to fret. Certain that this year she wont be returning. So every year in my panicked state, I buy another and plant it beside…..Just in case. In the end it mean I have more of the plant, which suits me fine. This year was no different. This picture is from the recently purchased plant.


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2 comments on “Something a little sweet.

  1. Robby on said:

    well written and well grown

  2. Hooray! So glad you finally found your ring. What a relief!This cosmos is beautiful. My mother grows some every year, and I meant to try them too and them forgot 🙁 Well, I guess there’s always next year…

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