Just another summer day..


The garden is ever changing these days. Every day something else is blooming. Returning home, is a mesmerizing experience. Opening my car door, I’m immediately overcome with sights and smells and colour. It always makes me happy to be home.
The California Lilacs are in bloom, with the lavender’s just hitting their prime. When a good wind comes, the aroma lights up the neighborhood. More Lilly’s were opening today, adding to the parade.
Following suit, the Day Lilly’s are breaking open. You can almost hear them sizzle! I look forward to the coming days, when there will be a sea of them.
The dwarf Speedwell spikes are always a favorite sight of summer. I love their colour and texture. Even though I avoided plant purchases before my vacation, I did end up buying a few smaller of these plants for the front of my garden. No blooms so far. I didn’t plant them for this year, I planted them for the next.


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3 comments on “Just another summer day..

  1. Oh Laura, your flowers are gorgeous!! I think I planted speedwell this spring, and was wondering why it hasn’t done much. I’m glad to read here that it takes some time to get going.

  2. Titania on said:

    Laura, how nice is it to come home to a thriving summer garden. Yes, Amy is so right your flowers are gorgous.

  3. annesgarden on said:

    Ohh I totally know the feeling. Every time I return from a few days at work I am surprised by a new discovery.You must be a few weeks ahead of us. Our lilies are not quite ready.

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