A sweet pea from my sweet


From the smallest hands come the most wonderful joys.

My 3 year old participated in some Green Thumb classes during late spring/early summer. These were the fruits of her labour.

She’s been very excited watching these pods grow! Frankly so am I. We are going to be growing our own veggies next year, and these little experiments have help cement that its not that hard in my mind. We have tomato’s and strawberries growing in pots in the back yard, but this is a first for us!

The most anticipated plant by far is the pumpkin. Last year a neighbor’s plant breached the fence and a pumpkin grew in our yard. She was thrilled! When they planted them in class the excitement was still there. She’d seen this before.

Grow little pumpkins grow!


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2 comments on “A sweet pea from my sweet

  1. West Coast Island Gardener on said:

    The peas and the pumpkins are definitely all the sweeter when watched over by the little children. What fun you will have this autumn carving the pumpkins.regards

  2. annesgarden on said:

    How sweet (hah, pardon the pun) that your daughter is taking a keen interest in gardening so young. Good luck with the pumpkins. I only have two plants this year thanks to the bloody slugs.

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