Hosta’s. Green Thumb Sunday.


Green Thumb Sunday

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This hosta has been sitting in a pot in my backyard for two years. Its already getting too big. This is one of many hosta’s I will be transplanting to a patch near the fence. Well, once I’m well enough to dig out the new patch lol!

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Happy father’s day!


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7 comments on “Hosta’s. Green Thumb Sunday.

  1. No Rain on said:

    Very nice hosta. I only learned recently what the bloom looked like when someone posted a photo. I just love the look of hosta, but can’t grow them here. If I moved to a more moderate climate, I would have a collection! Happy GTS,Aiyana

  2. peppylady on said:

    I don’t have any hosta and I thought of getting some but not sure where I would put one.Have a good day and mine is up now.

  3. Teena in Toronto on said:

    I’ve never heard of a hosta. Now I have :)Mine’s up too 🙂

  4. peppylady on said:

    You ask me what zone I was in. I googled it in and I’m in zone 5B well I would say we’re more a 4.I found out there a few Hosta I could grow here.Have a wonderful week.

  5. Ladynred on said:

    I have a lot of hostas in my garden. yah! you have to transplant those on the ground so it can flourish.

  6. Rose on said:

    Your hosta really seems to be thriving despite being in a pot. Once you’ve planted it, you’ll be surprised how big it will get! Just read about your car accident–ouch! Take care of yourself; my daughter-in-law was rear-ended a couple years ago, and though nothing was broken, it took awhile and some therapy before she felt like her old self.

  7. Naturegirl on said:

    I simply LoVe your martini header! Such great inspiration! Who would have thought! Thank you! A perfect table top centrepiece! A fellow Canadian gardener but on the East side!…well perhaps central..T.O. area! Nice to meet!I have many friends and relatives in BC! :)NG

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