The plant that wouldnt die.


“Do not watch the petals fall from the rose with sadness, know that, like life, things sometimes must fade, before they can bloom again.” Unknown
This is the story of the little rose bush that could. It started the year we moved into the house. This fine specimen was delegated to the backyard next to some dead tree’s and a whole lot of ivy. Hmmm I wonder what could have killed those tree’s? Anyhoo, I saw immediately that this beauty’s life was in danger. With absolutely no gardening experience, other than my amazing new muscles from ripping out all of the weeds in the front, I took to moving her. I was certain I would kill the dear, but hey the ivy was working on that anyways. Well I got her moved, sicked my troll on protecting her and stood back to wait. I did have to wait. That year she was certainly circling the drain. She had three large stocks, and one immediately perished. Dead straight down. I hacked them all back and crossed my fingers. Mother nature must have been in a mischievous mood, because she spared this rose. The next spring, she started to grow..and grow…and grow. Much taller than her original height. The rose which I had only seen one yellow bloom on in the backyard was bursting! Dazzling me with a changing colour from yellow to pink. I couldn’t believe my dumb luck.

That winter it snowed….a lot. One brisk day I stepped outside my door to see a snow covered sideways bush. Shit! In my work shoes I ran on into the belly of the beast. Up righted her and staked her in. When spring melted away the snow the prognosis did not look good. I had two other bushes die that winter. I ended up pulling them, and losing a little of my taste for the flower. I was bitter I think. She went through so much, that I was unwilling to fully give up on her. I cut her back hard once again and started paying attention to other plants. That spring of ’07, it brought some surprises. As I all but ignored the rose, she was working hard at overcoming the odds. It seems her roots in one place where a little high, I guess from when she went sideways. Either way a new sprout took off. Although the old bush did grow a little that year, the amazing growth went to the new sprout. She took off surpassing her mother’s height. I had to add a new trellis to support her, I was starting to suspect I had a climber on my hands. Yet with all of the fabulous growth of that year, I didn’t get one bloom.

Today while perusing through Lady Greenthumb’s Garden I started thinking about that rose bush, and how I really haven’t gone and taken a close look at her in a while. So out I tromped into the garden. Her foliage was as healthy and fresh as last year, however……

She is now covered in buds! If you look closely in the picture above you can see the red new growth near the base, that would be the mother plant.
Clearly she’s ready to show me her stuff this year! I’m curious to see what colour the blooms will be.

Inspired I walked around the rest of the garden to peek at other smaller roses I have.
This one above is a ‘Betty Boop‘ rose. She’s not doing much yet.
This bush was given to me half dead in a pot. For three years she’s done little to nothing, although she does have beautiful tangerine flowers. This look like her year though, she’s really looking healthy.
This one is called ‘Blue Boy’ no buds yet!
This final bush is my favorite. It was gifted to me by my sister. It had blue in the title, but off hand I cant remember the name. She bursts with lavender purple-blue flowers all summer. I’m not only looking forward to her, but her offspring as well!
Number one!
Number two hiding behind it mother, beside the Mr.Robb’s Bonnet. And wait….what’s that?
There’s also a number three. I don’t know how this happened, but Ill take it! I’ll have to be keeping a closer eye on my roses!


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3 comments on “The plant that wouldnt die.

  1. zvrk on said:

    You do like your roses! Mine are mainly growing against the wall.Hello from the UK.I liked your post with bears in your neighbours backyard. We ‘only’ get foxes, badgers and geese,lol.

  2. Teresa on said:

    I am not a big rose grower but I think that you ‘little rose that could’ is a Joseph’s Colored Coat. I have one that is a climber on the south side of my garden shed. I hope everyone at your house is feeling better this week.

  3. GardenJoy4Me on said:

    I loved the story of the roses !I had to laugh at one of your obelisks I have the same one for my Karly Rose fountain grass (did you happen to get it at Canadian Tire ? LOL) ..I put in 3 new climbers this Spring and I’m waiting to see how things go. My workhorse rose is Morden Sunrise .. you know those Manitoba roses .. work work work !Good luck with the garden .. it looks great !Joy

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