Springs first sizzle!


Nothing signifies that spring is in full swing to me like the bursting of the Bachelor’s Buttons. There is something electric about this plant! It sizzles.
The bee’s are all over the Bachelor’s Buttons.

A variety of Coral Bells I think.
A white version of the Star flower I posted about last Green Thumb Sunday. Its Latin name is Rhodohvpoxis baurii “White”.
I finally got the barell pot planted. Thats a corkscrew Willow. Around it I planted some Perenial Sage, and Druett’s Variegated (Silene uniflora) Could you tell I still had the tag in front of me, lol!

So my sister & I made it out to the Dogwood society garden club monthly meet up as guests. They had a guest lecturer talking about landscape design. It was a really fun evening. We’ve decided to join. I’m glad she’s coming with me, its always nice when you know at least one face. My sister even won the raffle at the end and took home a sweet hanging basket. Way to make the new people feel welcome 🙂 The best part…it seems my new membership gets me a discount at a few of my favorite nursery’s! Um, yeah….cool!


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4 comments on “Springs first sizzle!

  1. Sounds like the garden club could be a lot of fun 🙂 I have some perennial bachelors buttons in my backyard that seeded from who-knows-where. I’m happy to have them though. They’re such great plants, and they were FREE.

  2. angelfantabulous on said:

    More pretty pictures!I’m in apartment city so I’ve decided to garden vicariously through your blog! 🙂

  3. Jane Marie on said:

    Your blooms are so like mine. I, too, love my bachelor’s buttons. I did a post on them also. They are the most fantastic blue. I love to look at them close up.

  4. annesgarden on said:

    Great pics, gosh you have been busy! Coral Bells is one of my absolute faves, I’m growing more from seed this year.

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