Early this morning…


I love a good plant sale! Whether its a neighbor with a table on their driveway, a local farm or a gardening club, Ill take them over a store any day. There’s always a surprise or two to be found!

Today was no exception. I made it out to the Dogwood society’s annual garden club plant sale, and it was worth the wait. They were using a room at a local scouts hall. It was jammed packed, wall to wall plants, and eager gardener’s hunting for their score! So elbows up, I went in! I was late of course. Doors opened at 9am, and I dared to make my entrance at 915am. I could soon see I need to be early next year! Still I made my way down the isle, and immediately came across the bee balm I was looking for. 2 bucks per pot, with each holding more than one plant! Score! I was looking for these! Barely time to check them out, I was off again, finding a large pot of white oriental poppies! I couldn’t have been more ecstatic! I have been trying to get more white poppies, as one of my plants was taken by the element this last winter. This giant plant, that will dwarf the ones in my garden, came in at a whopping 3$!! Before making my way to the register, realising my hands could handle no more, I snagged a bell flower, a fountain grass, and a mystery perennial. By the end I was pushing the poppy pot along the line up with my foot. There was no way I was letting it out of my site in this frenzy!

So I escaped, plants in arm, but where to go… I was dropped off at this sale, so my husband could run off to the tool store. We gave ourselves an hour, but I was in and out of there is 15 min. While I waited outside, undercover as it was pouring, I got to peruse the hanging baskets and trees. I just had to continue looking, I had time to kill. That is where I found it, a corkscrew willow tree. Gorgeous! I have a barrel pot sitting on my front. Waiting for the construction to end, waiting for a new planting to arrive, and then this beauty walks into my life for (sigh) 5 dollars! I love a deal!
Dear, dear husband, I tried to stop there. Really I did.

Fortunately I still had time to wait, and there were things I had yet to spot….like the herb tent 🙂 I picked up some tomato plants, and a pack of strawberry plants. Just before he arrived to pick me up I saw one last thing I couldn’t pass by, the Dahlia tuber table! How did I not see this earlier!!!!! I walked away with more than I could carry, and with the most priceless thing I could find, a smile upon my face.

It was a good day!


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2 comments on “Early this morning…

  1. Mark on said:

    There is always room to squeeze one more in, thats what gardening is all about,I bet your husband will be quicker at the tool store next time though…

  2. Dirty Knees on said:

    Ha! I LOVE to hear gardeners’ stories about their scores at plant sales. I’m with you — they ARE the best!

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