Each new days joy.


Well each day is bringing new joys in the garden. Yesterday the Lupines started blooming. I meant to split this perennial a million times this spring, but ti never happened. The plant is now so large that it is seriously encroaching on the path. I am excited to see this plant even a few days from now. There are so many spikes of flowers forming. Its sure to be stunning!

The rhododendron’s are starting to bloom. I have to make my way down to the end of the street with my camera one of these days. A neighbor on a side street has the most colourful bushes that are just screaming for a picture or two.This is a closer shot of the belly pots I put along the front walk. Sorry to inundate you all with constant pictures of these pots, but well I’m just so proud of them! I never expected to get blooms off of the Iris’ this year. They went through quite a traumatic experience when I riped them from their soil and transplanted them.

I have talked a little about the Dogwood garden club. Ive drooled over the gardens they’ve cared for, bragged about my scores from their plant sale, now Ive decided to take the next logical step. I’m going to join them. I will be attending my first meeting tonight. I’m excited. I have never been a part of a garden club before. Although I immensely enjoy talking to you all about gardening, our trial and tribulations, it will be nice to do some of that in person. Tonight they are having a guest speaker, talking about landscape design. This should be interesting!


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4 comments on “Each new days joy.

  1. Muum on said:

    Those lupines really can sneak up on you, they look so little then, mine end up in the pathway, too! love your rhodos and your lovely pots.

  2. elaine on said:

    I agree about how every day in May brings a new gift from Mother Nature. The colours of all your flowering plants are simply stunning.Well, it seems a very logical step for you to join a garden club.

  3. WiseAcre on said:

    Thanks for getting back to me so soon with the latin name of the star flower. Unfortunately I’ll have to move south if I wanted to grow any outdoors. I see you’re at least a couple weeks ahead of my season. The Lupines are getting a good start here but nowhere near ready to bud up yet.I can’t blame you for being pot bound. Those are great looking containers for the stoned area. And the Iris a great choice for them. (or at least they would be for me since I would forget to water on a regular basis)

  4. annesgarden on said:

    I can’t believe how much things have grown in the two weeks we’ve been away. Gorgeous planters!

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