A walk in someone eles’ garden.


Thanks for everyone who visited for Green Thumb Sunday, your comments were appreciated!

Well the sun finally broke through today, although you could barely tell. The air still had the wonderful smell of spring rain, and there was a little humidity in the air. My daughter takes a class at a local community centre, and the grounds there are stunning. I took the opportunity and took a walk through while I had some time to kill. They also have a stunning rose garden, and Ill take some photo’s of that later into spring.
I love purple azalea’s. Theirs were just starting to bloom.
If anyone could tell me what kind of tree this is, I’d love to know!
This is the place where the dogwood garden club meets. Hmm I really have to look into that. I love it here!

This is one of those very cool old west coast building that was meant to appreciate the outdoors. There are several small buildings, connected by covered walkways, and streches of gardens. Inside the main building There is an outdoor courtyard. The door is blocked off so you cant go out, but the view is wonderful. Last week the large Camellia bush was in bloom, you can see the spent blooms scattered across the floor. I never did catch a picture.


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  1. The Gardeness on said:

    Hi Laura. Great photography. That clematis is beautiful. And that mystery tree looks very similar to a shot of my Bride Pearl Bush that I posted under “Best things come …” Let me know if you think so too.

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