A morning in the garden.


My mother was kind enough to watch the kids this morning so I could have some undivided time with the garden. Maybe it was divided time, I was after all dividing iris’. Not by choice of course. Id rather wait until after they bloom to move them. However the little plot in which they soak their roots is bound to become part of the driveway, when it all gets repaved in the next two weeks (hopefully!)
So potting I went. I split the large sections amongst 3 large belly pots. I separated the rest into some 5 gallon pots. As long as they survive (finger’s crossed!) I’m planning on passing a few along to a neighbor. I also added some marigolds, pansy’s (dark bluey purple) and some white poppies in the mix. I cant wait until the poppies bloom!
The whole combo looked especially lovely until I picked off the pansy blooms. I know your supposed to pluck them, to encourage growth, but it always hurts!
I also took a walk around back and found my Peonies that I transplanted a couple of weeks back, growing well! The dogwood tree’s are also starting to flower. I have two in the backyard. I love their spring display.


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2 comments on “A morning in the garden.

  1. annesgarden on said:

    Isn’t it great to have a few hours of uninterrupted time in the garden (sans kids). I don’t know how old yours are, but my 18 month old gets into all kinds of garden related mischief if I leave him unattended for even a second! I added you to my blogroll!

  2. Laura on said:

    Ill take whatever I can get! However the other day my three year old pulled weeds for me for a little while before she got bored. I see an advantage here!

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