May Day in Port Coquitlam: Ribbons in the Air


When it comes to spring traditions in the Tri-Cities, nothing beats the thrill of May Day in Port Coquitlam. In it’s 94th year kids from across the city dressed up in colourful May Day shirts and gorgeous spring gowns having practiced for months for this, opening day. There under the roof of the old Rec Centre, children pulled the colourful ribbons taught as they charmed our hearts with the traditional Maypole dance. The evening was full of music and dancing, as local musician Chersea performed both her original music and popular covers, delighting the crowd, bringing the Royal Party to their feet.

This year my family was lucky enough to have two kids in the Royal Party. We’re incredibly proud of all of the hard work they’ve put into their routines and performances. We welcome you to follow along on this photo journey of May Day in Port Coquitlam. Make sure to check out all of the events happening in the city this week, culminating in the May Day Parade this Saturday.

A big thanks to all the city staff & May Day Committee who helped put on another amazing festival!



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A Good Cup of Tea


DSC_8800When the calendar says spring but the temperatures are still downright chilly, a good cup of tea can bring clarity. Seasonal changes are occurring. Everywhere you look, the preparations and planning for spring are underway.  Parkas have been traded in for raincoats and snow boots for garden galoshes, as we ready for the season ahead. Fortified with shortbread and sandwiches, the garden awaits.

Filled with the promises of spring (and macaroons!) we took a little wander down the paths that entagle the lakes at VanDusen Botanical Gardens. There we found not only the passing of one season to the next, but a treasure that only spring could unfold. Snowdrops, crocus, hellebore, viburnum  and early rhododendrons dotted the landscape. Offering the saturated colours and fragrant reminders of why spring is worth the wait. 




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Spring Delayed


With the big melt well underway my daughter & her PoCo Euro-Rite FC team finally got to play a few soccer games before the season came to a close. It seems too early for it to be over, but that might have had to do with our record snowfall and fields lodged in a permanent deep freeze. In fact the younger kids are set to Jamboree this weekend and snow is in the forecast! Strange for the westcoast.

Here is a round up of images from the U12 Minnions last game of the 2016/2017 season.



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Winterscapes along the Pitt River





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Industrial Sunset




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Leigh Park: Dusk, Dogs & Wildflowers






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Celebrating May Day in Port Coquitlam 2016


We celebrated May Day in Port Coquitlam last week. This spring tradition is steeped in our culture here in PoCo. Something everyone looks forward to, the young and old come out to celebrate at events through out the city.

BeFunky CollageWatremark_DSC_7378Watremark_DSC_7369Watremark_DSC_7488Watremark_DSC_7494In Port Coquitlam 2The weeks celebrations culminate in a parade of epic proportions. It was a gorgeous day, encouraging all the locals to come out to wave and cheer on their friends and family members as they marched on by. 
Watremark_DSC_8368Watremark_DSC_8444Watremark_DSC_8549Watremark_DSC_0053I hope you enjoyed the parade. Look for even MORE friends and smiling faces in my coverage with Snapd Tri-Cities June edition, on the newstands and online June 1st.


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Spring Blooms: Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’


Spring is blooming across the lower mainland. While many gardens still appear to be sleeping, the first buds of growth and bulbs of the season have already revealed themselves.

Watremark_DSC_3228Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’
It’s a good time of year to take a walk around your garden. Start cleaning up the remains of last years beds, to make way for this years growth. Time to trim up the roses, add a top layer of manure or nutrient rich compost to the garden and plant a few winter pansies to soften up the edges.

It’s 2016! A good year to get gardening.


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Coquitlam 125


Happy Birthday Coquitlam

This year the city of Coquitlam is marking a milestone with it’s 125th birthday. To jump start the year’s events they hosted Activate Coquitlam 125. Marking off the first few days of the calendar year, the city of Coquitlam lent a helping hand to neighbours and friends looking to boost their exercise routines while making the most of those New Years resolutions with free classes and drop in sports at the rec centre.


A Moment to Remember

In these two images I captured a small piece of that celebration as aboriginal groups, historians, artists and athletes came together to celebrate what makes Coquitlam a truly unique community.



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Under the Sea: A Year of Learning at the Vancouver Aquarium


Watremark_DSC_1260Welcome back readers.

It’s a new year and a fresh start. This years story has yet to be written. So here’s to hoping your 2016 is full of laughter, love and spontaneity!

Under the Sea

Our new year started with the wonders of the sea and a membership renewal at the Vancouver Aquarium. We have held their membership before, especially through the children’s younger years. It was an exceptional place to spend the day with them as toddlers and infants. The facility is conducive to young and old alike. Great interactive displays, sensory learning and of course the fish! Now after a couple years away, a renovation and expansion, our children have been clamoring to get back. They’ve missed the hours of awe and wonder that come with the hands on and participatory learning offered at the Aquarium.

This Christmas we were gifted with a family membership to the Vancouver Aquarium. A years worth of opportunities for learning and creating special memories in a single card What a wonderful present to receive. We are so thankful for the hero of this story. Grandma. XOXO
Watremark_DSC_1253Watremark_DSC_1254Watremark_DSC_1258So what did the kids think?

Well, that it was awesome of course. In the words of the 6 year old:

“Let’s come back soon. The fish will miss me.”Watremark_DSC_1189


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